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Trestle Boards

Provided by the Trestle Board Committee


A Masonic trestle board is a design board for the Master Workman (Architect) to draw his plans and designs upon to give the workmen an outline of the work to be performed. In today's terms, we might call it a blueprint.


Now retired, The Amity Trestle Board served as Amity Lodge's newsletter, keeping members updated on lodge events, reports, education, and various other contributions and undertakings.  For current events and updates, please visit our blog 'On the MOVE!'

Past Masters of Amity

Past Masters are Master Masons who have completed a term of office as Worshipful Master of a Lodge, are ranked as Past Masters in the Craft as a whole.


The office of Worshipful Master is the highest honor to which a lodge may appoint any of its members. The office is filled by election, generally by means of a secret ballot. However, in most lodges the progression is such that the post will almost always be filled by the previous year's Senior Warden.


It should be noted that the honorific "Worshipful" does not imply that the Master is worshiped. Rather, use of the word implies its original meaning, "to give respect", similar to calling a judge "Your Honor" or a mayor "Honorable". In fact, mayors and judges in parts of England are still called "Worshipful" or "Your Worship." French Masons use the word Vénérable as the honorific for their Masters.

Interested in Becoming a Mason?

There are two ways that men can be considered for initiation into Freemasonry...

  • A Mason can inform a good man that he knows that should he wish to join, he is welcome to do so under a program called Invitation to Petition.

  • An applicant may proactively seek out membership by requesting a petition from a Mason or by downloading it from this site, and returning the completed form.


Once the petition is submitted, it is read in a Lodge meeting and referred to a committee (usually composed of three members). This committee then interviews the applicant.


Proactively seeking out membership is easy! The members of Amity Lodge No. 472 are eager to help. You can call the lodge to talk to a member or leave a message, and your call will be returned. Alternatively you can contact the lodge via email, or better yet, stop in and visit our Lodge. Members are available prior to regular meetings.