The NEW Amity website is under construction

Today's the day we start building a new website for our beloved Lodge. And given that we are always spread thin, it will be at least 3-4 months until we can get it published. Nonetheless, content will still be added in a timely manner so that when we go live, there will be a documented history of things we've done.

Building a Website.jpg

The goal of the new website is not only to modernize the look but also to provide a centralized source of information of things going on at Amity. We will publish previous editions of our Trestle Board for reference but current events, news and communications will be in our Blog. This works out better for Amity since we can assign multiple users to publish information, thereby sharing the workload and not relying on just one person to do it all. Also, focusing our efforts online eliminates the cost of printing trestleboards and the postage required to send them out.

Other planned features of the new website will be:

  • A calendar of events for anyone intersted in seeing what's scheduled in the coming months

  • A page dedicated to showing the current officers of Amity

  • A Blog where all new communications will be published and will allow users to comment

  • Intergration with social media, allowing you to 'follow us' on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

  • A members section that allows you to pay your dues online and access certain privelaged information.

This will all be a huge undertaking and, if done correctly, will happen behind the scenes. The hope is that the final result will be something the Brethren will enjoy and promote!

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