Well...It Was Fun While It Lasted!!!

Well, the short version is the Gavel's gone after being claimed by the Brothers of Blackberry Lodge. And, while it would've been nice to keep the Gavel just a little bit longer, I must tip my hat those guys for being so active within the district.

That said, the meeting we held on May 21, 2014 was, in my opinion, one for the ages! To fully understand why, here are a few things that were in play that night:

  • Blackberry Lodge came out to lay claim to The Traveling Gavel,

  • Unity Lodge came out to also lay claim to The Traveling Gavel,

  • Br. Thomas Grisham (a Grand Lodge Officer) was in attendance,

  • Br Frank Barrett (our DDGM) was in attendance,

  • It was our step-up night and the first time we'd sat in our Chairs.

Now, I'd love to be able to say that we performed flawlessly but I'd be lying if I did. But, for all the mistakes made during ritual, I can honestly say we did Amity proud. We held a very meaningful and productive meeting as topics of substance were discussed and moments of reflection were warranted. No small feat considering it was a full house!

Afterwards, we adjourned to our dining room for dinner & refreshment and a good time was had by all!


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