A Visit From a Brother...

At our last Stated Meeting for the month of January, we were visited by Br. David McCaleb, a Fellowcraft residing in Berlin, Germany who was here on business. He had contacted Amity through our website and notified us of his intention to visit during his brief stay.

Unbeknownst to many of us, Fellowcrafts of Berlin are required to visit at least three Lodges before they can be raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. We were priveledged to be a part of Br. McCaleb's journey and offered him a letter to bring back to his Lodge. The letter read:

Dear Br. David Wilder McCaleb:

Let this serve as notice to all that on January 21, 2015, you represented the Brethren of Friedrich Ludwig Schroeder Lodge respectfully and honorably.

On behalf of the Brethren of Amity Lodge #472, we thank you for your visit and hope this to be the start of a strong and proud friendship between our two great Lodges.


Ruben A. Moreno, Worshipful Master

Samuel Struhart, Senior Warden

James McCulloch, Junior Warden

Frank Fokta, Secretary

John Pat Cloughley, Treasurer

Joseph Demkowicz, Senior Deacon

Greg Schulze, Junior Deacon

The real surprise came afterwards, when Br. McCaleb presented a truly beautiful gift to Amity Lodge. Pictured below is the engraved gavel given to us by our Brothers in Germany.


It should be noted that Worshipful Brother Gary Moore was also in attendance and he presented Br. McCaleb with one of the Award of Excellence lapel pins as a gift from Blackberry Lodge.

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