From the East...


I wanted to take a moment and bring you up to speed on a few initiatives.

1.) It is my intention to have Amity Lodge pursue the Grand Master's Award of Excellence:

Given how active we've been over the past term, it has become evident that we are well within achieving that goal without even realizing it. And when you consider how many categories exist for us to earn points, it becomes apparent that it won't take much more effort for us to get there.

To that end I am looking for volunteers to help me in achieving this goal. For those interested, please contact me to discuss what's involved.

2.) I have expanded the Members' Section of our website:

For anyone interested, we now have a page dedicated to the Scholarship Committee. Financial reports are provided quarterly and are now available for viewing. A copy of the bylaws are also available for all Members wanting to read on committee governance and how the investment portfolio is to be structured.

Take a look around and let me know your thoughts!

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