Things Are Looking GREAT!

First, the GOOD news: After almost a full week's work, the entire roof has been repaired!!! We don't have pictures of that to share just yet but we will post them as soon as we can.

The walls and ceilings have now been repaired and repainted - and we're happy to report that they look great!

Now the NOT-SO-GOOD news As a result of the roof work and vibrations caused from the heavy material being installed, we lost one of the light fixtures in the Dining Room. We're looking for a replacement to match the set but we may need to replace them all if we can't find a match.

Now the BAD news: The flooring throughout the entire level of the Lodge is 100+ year old Maple! We were hoping to tear out all the carpeting and restore the hardwood flooring underneath. Unfortunately, we pulled it back to find that (A) the carpeting was GLUED down to the entire floor and (B) years of water leaks caused irreparable damage to the wood. As a result, it would cost us around $9,000 to repair just the common areas and the library. Unfortunately, that's just too expensive.

Accordingly, we decided to re-carpet all those areas with a nylon-based carpet that should last for quite some time. The new carpeting has been ordered and should be installed within three weeks (or less, I hope).

All-in-all, we're very happy with the progress being made and we hope the end result is something the Brethren can be truly proud of!








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