Amity's Annual Christmas Party!

To all our Amity family in attendance for our Christmas Party, thank you for making today special and memorable. A very special thanks goes to W. Bro. Sam Struhart for planning and setting up the event; thanks also goes out to all those who brought a dish to share - the food was delicious. Finally, we send out thanks for the beautiful poinsettias given to the families in attendance, compliments of the Gouskos Family!

For those that couldn't attend, please know that you were missed and we send you the warmest of wishes this Holiday Season!

As for the party, some of the young ladies in attendance had fun in the Lodge Room, performing their own version of ritual!

An elf in the East?!

Another elf in the West?!

One in the South???

An elf organist???

And even some elf ritual!

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